Restoration Consulting

We provide specialized Marketing and Sales consulting for your marketing staff to help them build a better client base with stronger relationships. We understand how critical it is for your business to have profitable sales with continued cashflow. The strategies and programs we teach are designed to help you get disaster work without being dependent oninsurance agents, adjusters or "program" referrals!

It's about your marketers developing a "maven" or trusted advisor relationship with their clients that is based on so much more than "knowing when their birthday is..."

Sales and Marketing coaching and consulting programs are provided based on client need and client location. Since our consulting and training services are so in-depth and intensive specifically for each individual client, we do not accept clients within the same market as a current client. Further, the expectations of the client and the training by us do not always make for a perfect fit; therefore, we reserve the right to select our clients based on a detailed criteria.  If you want access to a large "library" of Maven Articles, you can purchase and annual exlusive membership to the MAVEN section on this website.  Cost is only $199/year with access to dozens of Maven articles on topics such as Insurance Agents, Hotels/Hospitality, Nursing Homes/Eldercare, Hospitals, Commercial Buildings, and more.   Call 419-202-6745 to sign up!