A New Selling Strategy Is Required

It Is A New and Different Sales World Today!

If you didn’t already know this, the sales game has changed! More than ever before, TRUST comes first in the sales process. And by first, I mean the moment you walk in the door, or approach your prospect (and often even before they meet you)! It’s been said by many that without trust, they won’t buy from you. Without credibility, there is no trust.

Most salespeople start out with their prospect by talking about the:

  • Quality of your service
  • Quality of your product
  • Wonderful – skilled employees
  • Latest equipment and techniques

Many “salespeople” think it’s about eye-catching vehicle wraps, or tri-fold, four color glossy brochures and literature. Some even think success is based on how many chachki handout freebies they give the prospect.

I’m telling you loud and clear: it’s a different world, a different culture, a different buyer attitude, a different sales process.  Before the power of Google, and other search engines, salespeople delivered product knowledge and education to the client. The salesperson that did that best, was usually the winner of the sale.  Today, the client doesn’t need that. Today they are repelled by salespeople that exhibit the old stereotype salesperson. In fact, you will rarely get past the gatekeeper when you act like the typical salesperson.

Twenty to forty years ago, I sat through many well-respected sales training classes with the likes of Zig Zigler, Brian Tracey, and many others. I also read books from Dale Carnegie, Norman Vincent Peale, and Napoleon Hill, to name a few.  This was awesome and valuable learning in the 70’s – 80’s – 90’s, but our world has changed.  Most of those sales concepts (still actively taught today) don’t work in this new world!  

Today, you must be considered:

  • Authority (specialist or expert)
  • A Celebrity (known and respected in your own community)
  • Having Exclusivity (you choose which clients to accept!)

These three key factors are about enhancing your personal brand, without which your credibility will fall flat.

To be recognized as an authority or expert, you should be actively writing blog articles, be posting really good content on other blogs, as well as several social media sites. To be considered a “celebrity” you can write eBooks, speak at local community events, get interviewed on radio or local TV, and be willing to share “secrets.”  Exclusivity is where YOU decide after thorough qualifying, that the client and you “may not be a good fit.”  Another way is to make sure you have a “full” calendar, as this helps control the process.

Qualifying involves:

  1. knowing their “language”
  2. understanding their pains
  3. evaluating whether you have a legitimate solution
  4. determining their willingness to cooperate
  5. making a judgement about if it’s going to be a good fit

If you aren’t doing these five qualifying evaluations, you are rushing to get the sale, even when you probably shouldn’t!

Most typical sales people are so desperate for a sale that they will say or do anything the client suggests to get the sale without even considering if it a valid opportunity.

Author:  Dick Wagner, National Sales Consultant