Monday, November 24, 2014

White Hat vs Black Hat SEO

Google's Search Engine Update Has  Put the Breaks on Unethical SEO Companies

altHas your site’s page rank suddenly dropped significantly? If it has, then you’ve probably been hiring a “black hat” SEO company. These are SEO companies parading around offering services like “we will generate 2000+ backlinks for you for $XX per month”. If this sounds familiar to you then your website could be in some trouble. Even if you haven’t subscribed to these type of “SEO services” yet, it’s still good to know what all the fuss is about.

Google updates its search engine algorithms from time to time to deal with changes in the the search engine optimization meta game. Specifically this update (titled Penguin) is designed to combat “black hat” SEO companies which typically operate large clusters of junk/spam/throwaway websites (sometimes into the thousands) where they will spam the links to the people they’ve suckered into paying for their services. This has typically shown to generate a quick spike in web traffic which some of these clients view as success!

This however does not agree with Google’s intention for backlink relevance ratings (which is what has traditionally made backlinks an important part of search engine optimization). Google is now taking into account the quality of the site that is backlinking and punishing sites that utilize this unethical style of manipulating search results.

Google is in the business of providing quality search results to it’s users. While it makes sense that a business wants to improve its ranking within Google, trying to take “shortcuts” and/or “the easy way” will only serve to harm your long term viability.

Build your SEO strategy around “white hat” SEO methods. Commenting on blog articles, link exchanging with quality and trustworthy websites and most importantly providing good, quality and original content will always be king.

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